The 2024 Summit of the Future: an opportunity for U.N. regeneration in an era of radical disruptions


Youssef Mahmoud

Jul-Dec, 2023

Photo_ Alex Berger_ CC BY 2.0
Unable to adapt and transform in the face of mounting global challenges, the United Nations as a complex system kept revealing over the past decade’s internal contradictions, systemic and normative cracks.
In its many instances of inaction and non-intervention or paralysis, the Security Council is functioning precisely as it was intended to operate: designed for deadlock, built to be explicitly unfair and undemocratic.
Every effort should be made to ensure that the voices of youth, the custodians of the future, are properly reflected in the Summit.
Photo_ Thomas Quine_ CC BY 2.0

When we are stuck in the same patterns of thought, knowledge and behaviour that led to our problems, we are unlikely to find a way out of it all.

Like a tree that grows from the bottom, peace is experienced as an ongoing quest, the doors to which open only from the inside.